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BogZH Celtic Cats ! - Rock, rage & celtic swing

Dynamic & festive celtic music band

Celtic rock, celtic rock 'n' roll punk - folk, Nantes, Brittany



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Video teaser, first EP, concert scenes and samples from the disc. Rock'n'Roll Celtic Punk-Folk songs from BogZH Celtic Cats ! band and trad songs adaptations (Brittany, Ireland, Scotland) + 1 Dropkick Murphys'song

EP review by London Celtic Punks website Click here to discover ;-)

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Since december 25th 2017 the tracks are also available on streaming / downloading plateforms :

BogZH Celtic Cats ! : it is a rock 'n' roll celtic punk-folk mix. Breton rock , irish, scottish and breton traditionnal songs etc. with B2C ! special recipe and some covers in a celtic punk, punk-folk style ... Rock, Rage & celtic swing, Naoned - Breizh ...

After the stop of the band Daonet in september 2014  Bogzh Celtic Cats ! rock 'n roll celtic punk folk band really begins ;-)  ... with the work of a brand new set with a first concert for St Patrick's day 2015. Since this first night we play in Pubs, on stages, festivals, Fests mainly in Brittany ... The first disc was released in 2017, the EP was selected in the  2017 EP Top 10 by London Celtic Punks ...

Contact : +33 628 362 994

email : contact (at)

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Hervé et Gilles avec DAONET au Festival des Filets Bleus à Concarneau
With DAONET band Festival "des Filets bleus"
Concarneau (Brittany) 2011 - photo : S. PONTE
      Instruments we play on stage :
  • Electric and folk guitars,
  • Tenor banjo, irish bouzouki,
  • Bass guitar,
  • Drums
  • Tin & low whistle
  • Bagpipe

BogZH Celtic Cats !
- Rock rage & celtic swing, Naoned - Breizh,

  1. Video teaser of the 2017's CD of the band from Nantes, BogZH Celtic Cats ! Rock 'n' Roll Celtic Punk-Folk in breton language, english, french.
  2. BogZH Celtic Cats! video presentation - celtic rock, punk-folk, breton and irish Rock, celtic punk ...
  3. Medley of songs from the first concert played for St Patrick's day 2015

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Gilles' blog (in french)  BogZH Celtic Cats, news, videos, Daonet, Brittany etc.: click here

Welcome to our universe, looking forward to meet you during a future show ;-) ...
Agenda BogZH Celtic Cats ! - Rock'n'roll celtic punk-folk

BogZH Celtic Cats - Rock 'n' Roll Celtic Punk-Folk band from Brittany